So, excited as I was, I installed Sublime Text 4 on a machine that some time ago had Sublime Text 3 installed, and… I just can’t wrap my head around how I’m lớn install Package Control.

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Now, in my command palette I have Preferences: Package Control Settings, & that’s it. I can’t neither xuất hiện or install it. What vày I do?

Yeah well uh, I’d love lớn be able to lớn use it then


I don’t remember what the thư mục structure used khổng lồ be, but now I bởi vì have some files in Packages/User, lượt thích Package Control.last-run, Package Control.merged-ca-bundle, Package Control.sublime-settings, but I can’t open Package Control from inside of Sublime Text.

I should probably địa chỉ that I’m using Mac

When you mở cửa the Command Palette, there should be an entry called “Package Control: Install Package”. Is that entry not present?

I have the same issue on my Ubuntu system.On the first start after upgrading to lớn ST4 there was warning message that LSP plugin is not supported và should be deleted và reinstalled. So I went khổng lồ command palette và tried to search for package control - nothing found.I definitely have package control installed và it worked in ST3.Any clues how can I delete LSP manually? (Package Control is absent in command palette).

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Have you checked your ignored_packages setting lớn see if Package Control is not accidentally ignored ?

Thank you. Package Control was in ignored packages list. But I didn’t put it there. Looks lượt thích it was added khổng lồ ignored packages by ST4 installation.

ST4 doesn’t mess with packages. There was a bug at some point with package control that could cause that though iirc

It’s a known issue Package Control to put itself into ignored_packages sometimes. Several changes were made lớn avoid it, but it seems lớn still happen occationally. It is mainly caused by the way dependencies are handled, which should be fixed with PC 4.0 which is under development.

I also had some issues after upgrading to lớn ST4, và went for a fresh start: Renamed the old ST3 config thư mục to ~/.config/sublime-text-3 lớn be able lớn reference my old settings, let ST4 create a fresh ~/.config/sublime-text and re-installed Package Control, and packages.

The only problem I have found so far is the awesome Compare Side-By-Side xuất hiện up the two tabs in the right hand side …

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mark.stewart July 16, 2021, 10:30pm #13

only problem I have found so far is the awesome Compare Side-By-Side mở cửa up the two tabs in the right hand side …

That’s an improvement from my mac’s perspective… gave up wondering when SxS would ever work again. Assuming you got Package Control to install SxS. Can your ST4 drag-and-drop the 2 S’s side-by-side in a new window?

Here, ST4’s PC was never ignored, but it never installs anything except maybe itself. Window dressing looks good and License 4 works, otherwise staying with ST3 for now. You got something working there, regas. Hooray!