Fix The "Your Pc Ran Into A Problem And Needs To Restart" Error

Sometimes while working or after install updates, install third-party software windows frequently restart with your pc ran inkhổng lồ a problem windows 10 unable to lớn start. When the “Your PC ran inkhổng lồ a problem & needs khổng lồ restart. We’re just collecting some error info, & then we’ll restart for you. . (0% complete)” xanh screen error message appears on the screen, on windows 10, windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 systems. That meansPhysical hardware, installed driver, or third-tiệc nhỏ extension is causing this issue; and it is repairable by a crash or dump analysis.The second reason may be that you selected some settings that are not correct, or if the system has a lot of data in it và its resources are being overused. Additionally, if you’ve used third-tiệc nhỏ software that has modified native system files, may create an issue. Also if your memory in Windows 10 or Windows 8 device is running at a higher percentage than your operating system accepts then you will also get this error message.When this your pc ran into lớn a problem windows 10 error message appears on the screen, the computer is unresponsive to lớn user commands & after the percentage measurement is completed, the system restarts automatically or freezes và the only way lớn cthất bại & restart Windows is by using the computer’s power button.Alternatively, you could also see the following message on a light blue screen:Your PC / Computer ran inkhổng lồ a problem that it couldn’t handle & now it needs khổng lồ restart. You can search for the error online.

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When Windows encounters a condition that compromises safe system operation, the system halts. This condition is called a ‘Bug Check’. It is also commonly referred to as a system crash, a kernel error, a system fault, or a Stop error. When Windows encounters such a serious error that forces it lớn stop running và restarts the system.
Contents1 Fix your pc ran into lớn a problem windows 101.1 Modify Memory Dump setting1.2 Uninstall Any Recently Installed Application1.3 Cheông xã your computer’s stability in Safe mode1.4 Update/ reinstall old corrupt device drivers1.4.1 Scan And Repair Corrupt Windows System files.1.5 Chechồng Memory (RAM) corruption

Fix your pc ran into lớn a problem windows 10

Blue Screen Of Death is extremely varying và you can’t come up with just one solution that will generally fix the whole problem. follow bellow steps one after one. I am sure one of the steps will work for you.

Modify Memory Dump setting

As mentioned earlier memory issues may cause khổng lồ display of this error message “Your PC Ran Inlớn a Problem & Needs To Restart, We are just collecting some error info, & then we’ll restart for you.” and your PC always needs khổng lồ restart. PC restarts to protect itself from serve sầu issues lượt thích serious hardware failure & future crashes. Let’s solve this issue.
First, try lớn modify the Memory Dump setting in System Properties:Press ” windows + “R” keys to lớn load the Run dialog box.Now Type “control sysdm.cpl” & press Enter.Next, move sầu to lớn the Advanced tab & click on “Start-up & Recovery” Settings.Unkiểm tra “Automatically Restart”In “Write Debugging Information” Select “Complete Memory Dump” from the drop-down menu.And Clichồng on Apply và OK It may say you all lớn restart.Restart your PC & You are done.

Uninstall Any Recently Installed Application

If the error started to appear, immediately after you installed an application or install a new driver, then there is a chance that this new program could be causing the error. for this, you have to lớn uninstall the program, then evaluating your system.

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First, ensure you have sầu administrative sầu rights to lớn make changes or uninstall any application.Let’s follow the steps to Do this. First, open Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsPrograms and Features.
now select the recently installed Application và cliông chồng uninstall.Restart windows & check. if still your pc ran into a problem and needs khổng lồ restart the Blue Screen problem in windows 10 follow the next step.

Check your computer’s stability in Safe mode

In some cases, the “Your PC ran into a problem và needs lớn restart” error can be caused due to lớn an outdated or corrupted device driver. To troubleshoot this issue start Windows 10 in Safe Mode và see if the error persists.To start Windows in safe mode Press Windows + “R” keywhen run dialog open Type “msconfig” and press Enter to lớn open System Configuration settings.
Note: After removing a driver, perform a system restart & kiểm tra if the error persists before proceeding khổng lồ uninstall the next device driver. When you find which device’s driver causes the “Your PC ran into lớn a problem và needs to lớn restart” problem, then proceed to lớn download và re-install the lademo driver version (for that device) from the manufacture’s website without uninstalling the rest device drivers from your system.Scan And Repair Corrupt Windows System files.The “Your PC ran inkhổng lồ a problem & needs to restart” error message may be due to a corrupted tệp tin system. To resolve sầu this, use the sfc /scannow (System File Checker) commvà to repair Windows system files.
Open an elevated command prompt (with Administrative sầu privileges). To bởi that:Right-cliông chồng at the screen’s bottom-left corner & from the pop-up thực đơn, choose “Command Prompt (Admin)”.In the commvà prompt window, type the following command và press Enter: sfc /scannow
This will scan your system for all its important system files, and replace them where necessary. Wait until Windows scans and repairs system files. When the System tệp tin kiểm tra & repair is completed, restart your computer và check if your computer works smoothly.

Cheông xã Memory (RAM) corruption

If none of the methods help you, You can try to lớn find out your memory problems. Because Corrupted RAM can cause this blue screen problem. To determine whether or not this is the case, you will first, need lớn chạy thử your RAM. This can be done, by running the Memory Diagnostic Tool.To vị This On Start Type Memory Diagnostic Tool and select it you will got Windows Memory diagnostic Tool Screen, Here Select Restart Now And Check for problems ( Recommended)This Will Restart your windows & kiểm tra for Memory Errors.Wait until complete, When complete the process restart windows. If this PFN_LIST_CORRUPT Blue screen is related to a Memory problem you will not face any Error After restart.If you still Face your pc ran inlớn a problem và needs lớn restart Blue Screen Error. It’s Time khổng lồ Restore your system khổng lồ a specific Restore point when your system running well. For this Read How to Persize System Restore khổng lồ Fix PFN_LIST_CORRUPT Blue Screen Error on Windows 10.Also Cheông chồng This Video Steps Performed To Fix Windows 10 BSOD Errors